About us


Vibe’s founder, Mark Burright, brought with him many of the world’s best standards to his Guests from over thirty-five years of domestic and international luxury travel throughout Europe, Asia, India, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Mark and his wife Lumchuan lived in Thailand and Malaysia where Mark was the CEO of a financial holding company. Returning to their home in Vancouver, Washington, Mark and Lumchuan started a food and beverage company, with Mark starting a 501 (c) 3 non-profit. Help4Cancer provided services to cancer patients and their families as well as producing Mark’s Podcast Series ‘Cancer Peace Radio’ which is available on iTunes, and Blog Talk Radio. 

Vibe has been hosts to the rich, famous, and regular folks from all over the world who visit Oregon’s Willamette Valley to enjoy luxury wine tour experiences, food, entertainment, and accommodations coupled with fantastic scenic views and beautiful drives in the valley.

Vibe thrives, acting as a beacon for those discerning who accept only the best and demand a transcendent level of excellence. As you stroll through your wine tour experience, manicured gardens and vineyards, and through wineries and tasting rooms, you’ll see and hear things that have made the Willamette Valley so sought-after—the clinking of wine glasses filled with Pinot noir, Pinot gris, Chardonnay, Riesling, and Pinot blanc, incredible food, and laughter and witty banter ringing out—all a triumphant signal that Oregon’s Willamette Valley is promising a whole new era of unforgettable memories.